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The squalor left behind in £30m Park Lane flat as squatters are evicted

The address is just as exclusive as that of her family’s New York penthouse apartment. But Anna Cole’s squat in Park Lane didn‘t come with quite the same number of little luxuries.
There were no loos, for instance, no central heating, no showers, no telephone – and almost certainly no hairdryer.
So she just had to improvise, with a mattress on the floor and a pretty pink duvet cover, a cardboard box for a dressing table and string for a clothing rail.
Anna Cole fixed up her corner of the Park Lane squat with a mattress, a cardboard box for a dressing table and a few bright trinkets

New Social Center in Flensburg, Germany.

Since the beginning of this year a initiative is using the space of the
Kurze Straße 4 in Flensburg for a autonomous social and kulture center.
The K4 is open for everybody who wants to drop in and chill out, make
workshops or help with the building of this freshly squatted house

6 killed, 20 hurt in Seoul squatter fire

SEOUL, Jan. 20 (UPI) — Six people died and more than 20 were injured in a fire that erupted after a police raid on squatters protesting a Seoul redevelopment project, officials said.

Prosecutors and human rights officials said they have launched investigations into the Tuesday morning tragedy, the South Korean Yonhap News Agency, reported.

Squatting: ‚We climbed the drainpipe and moved in‘

It was as much a rite of passage as smoking a reefer or suffering Hawkwind’s first album. It was as cool as taking part in a CND demonstration, wearing loon pants or believing in the I Ching, with little or no stigma attached to its practitioners. Furthermore, it offered political smugness, street cred and, most importantly, it was affordable.


Squatters move into Park Lane mansions

Bohemian squatters have invaded two £15 million mansions in one of the country’s most expensive roads, famous for its luxury hotels and super-rich residents.

Around 30 artists, students and musicians have set up home in the seven-storey properties at number 94 and 95 Park Lane, with views overlooking Hyde Park.