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With homeowner in doghouse, bobcats move in

A family of feline squatters has moved into a foreclosed home in Lake Elsinore. Residents of the Tuscany Hills development first noticed the bobcats about a week ago.
With real estate values plummeting and foreclosed homes sitting empty, a family of bobcats apparently decided the time was right to pounce.
So last week, they slipped out of the parched foothills of Lake Elsinore and into a spacious, vacant home in well-groomed Tuscany Hills.

Squatters Posing A Problem

As the government moves ahead with its ambitious housing program to construct 3,000 new homes and service lots during its five year term in office, they are somewhat stumped as a number of squatters in certain areas simply refuse to move, according to Housing Minister Kenneth Russell.
Mr. Russell said as it now stands, the government has so far secured some 64 acres off Carmichael Road to build homes and should also acquire an additional 10 acres off Cowpen Road, four acres off Bacardi Road as well as acreage in Fox Hill.
He noted, however, that there are squatters residing on these parcels of land.

Sweden cleans out squatters

Police in Sweden have embarked on a mission to evict squatters living in the south of the country, with the university town of Malmo turning into something of a hotbed of activism. The squatters are not happy about an ongoing housing shortage in the region, so they’ve taken to the streets in Malmo and Lund to protest the need for more homes in southern Sweden.

Police raid on Prague’s Cibulka squat sheds light on global way of life

There is no place like home for the holidays.
Assuming one has a home and that is sort of the point of their whole
movement, say squatters.
At least seven people are looking for a new place to live after police
raided their home, a squat in Cibulka, a former monastery in Prague
5, allegedly pursuing a criminal into the residence. A chaotic
scene ensued, during which at least one gunshot was fired.
„We thought we were being attacked,“ said one former Cibulka resident
who would only give his first name, Ondej. „We climbed up onto the
roof, because that is the hardest place for them to get you. The roof
tiles started to collapse under us and a gunshot was fired, but by
that time we were trying to come down.“

witboek kraken

Krakend Nederland presenteert: 132 bladzijden met meer dan 80 kraakpanden in 20 steden

De Nederlandse kraakbeweging komt met een eigen antwoord op het wetsvoorstel van Ten Hoopen, Van der Burg en Slob om kraken te verbieden, in de vorm van een Witboek Kraken. Het Witboek Kraken moet het publiek en de politiek informeren over de vele kraakpanden die Nederland rijk is. Daarnaast biedt het boek talrijke argumenten die aangeven waarom kraken nog steeds een belangrijke functie heeft als het gaat om het bestrijden van speculatie op de woningmarkt, het behoud van sociale huisvesting, het stimuleren van nieuwe culturele initiatieven en het beschermen van monumentale panden. Het Witboek Kraken wordt gepresenteerd op 15 januari 2009 in ‘De Illusie’ in Den Haag tussen 14:00 en 17:00 met prominente sprekers en debat.