Evicted street vendors to turn their ire on those still allowed at Khwairamband

IMPHAL, Oct 28: The agitating street vendors of Khwairamband market have decided to intensify their agitation by conducting a drive against the roadside vendors of Khwairamband who are still allowed to continue their business in the area by the concerned authorities.
The street vendors of Imphal’s Khwairamband market, mostly women, were driven out by the police following an order from the Imphal Municipal Council on October 6 and have been continuing various forms of agitation by calling a indefinite general strike in the Khwairamband market since then.

With the failure of the state government to respond to their plight despite numerous representations made by the street vendors and by the representatives of the JAC formed by the women street vendors the street vendors had decided to reoccupy their respective squatting areas today.
As per the joint decision of the street vendors several hundred women street vendors turned up and started occupying their respective roadside areas since this morning, but a strong police team of the cIty police who were specially deployed to keep a check on the vendors at the Imphal city markets prevented the women vendors from taking up their places, much to their disappointment.
It may be mentioned that the women street vendors of Khwairamband during a press conference held yesterday had said that they would forcibly occupy their respective roadside places from this morning till the eve of the coming Ningol Chakkouba even though they are no more permitted to do so by the authorities.
On the other hand, there has been no change in the decision of the women vendors and they will continue their attempts to occupy their respective squatting areas every day till the concerned authorities are permitting many other street vendors to continue their business at the market area, they added.
The Imphal Free Press