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Christiania evictions spark riots in Copenhagen

After the police evicted a house in Christianiain the morning,
Copenhagen saw yet another day of actions and night of rioting. For
both police and activists this was a test of strengths and a taste of
things to come as legal proceedings are getting more and more
troublesome for the inhabitants of Christiania.


Eviction Succesfully Resisted in Bristol

An attempted illegal eviction occurred this afternoon at Unity Home, number 87 Ashley Road, St Pauls, Bristol. IT WAS RESISTED
Ownership of the house is claimed by Places for People, Britain’s largest housing association. Its chief executive, David Cowans, topped the list of richest “social” housing providers with a salary of £257,928 in 2007 (Every single penny on the backs of the poor). Instead of providing adequate social housing they work for corporate gain and through speculation with our money are feeling the pinch of the property market crash. This is a social housing provider playing with public money.

Evicted street vendors to turn their ire on those still allowed at Khwairamband

IMPHAL, Oct 28: The agitating street vendors of Khwairamband market have decided to intensify their agitation by conducting a drive against the roadside vendors of Khwairamband who are still allowed to continue their business in the area by the concerned authorities.
The street vendors of Imphal’s Khwairamband market, mostly women, were driven out by the police following an order from the Imphal Municipal Council on October 6 and have been continuing various forms of agitation by calling a indefinite general strike in the Khwairamband market since then.

Tear gas, bonfires and destruction

The Christianshavn area of the city suffered fire and vandalism as last night’s riots turned violent

The demolition of an illegally constructed first floor of a building near the squatter colony of Christiania and the eviction of the resident living there, resulted in a violent confrontation between police and demonstrators in the streets of Copenhagen Tuesday night.

Squatting thief turns residence into day spa

A thief was arrested after breaking into a house and indulging in a little self-pampering with a bath and a beauty sleep.

Wang, from Tianjin municipality, came to Kunming, capital of Yunnan province, in May to make a living, but found it difficult to get a job and quickly ran out of money.

When he found an empty house inside in a residential community, he broke in through the window.