off the map

“Imagine what your punk-rock male travelogue would read like if it was written by a couple of intelligent, rebellious, freedom-seeking women. I believe Off the Map is one of the best books/zines of this sort I have ever read. The authors describe all of the breathtaking highs and lows of their multi-month trip though Europe—hitchhiking, squatting, and so on—but the emotional sensitivity of the narrative and the emphasis on the power of female friendship are what really set this book apart. True, some of the observations are naive, wide-eyed and hopeful—but these qualities win out every time over lifestyle-pushing narrowmindedness.The bottom line is, this book is all about welcoming, encouragement, and inclusiveness. Highly recommended for anyone who was put off by the overly ‘male’ tone of Evasion and the like.”

MICROCOSM, customer review