Inside Britain’s very middle-class squat

Last week the Mail Online revealed how one of Bristol’s most expensive homes – with a price tag of £2.25m – had been invaded by squatters.

Here Robert Hardman reveals what life is now like inside the grade II-listed building.

The ’squatter‘ living in a €1m house with his wife… and the other woman

The Irish Mail on Sunday can today reveal the extraordinary lifestyle of the ’squatter‘ who recently won a landmark case allowing him to keep a house he broke into almost three decades ago.

The Supreme Court ruled two weeks ago that Des Grogan should keep the Edwardian house in Dublin which he had illegally entered in 1982 after discovering that the occupant had died without any next of kin.

Libyan families move into remains of Gaddafi fortress

(Reuters) – It used to be the impenetrable fortress of Muammar Gaddafi’s regime. Only workers or members of the toppled Libyan leader’s inner circle could see inside.

Now, six months after Tripoli fell to Western-backed rebels, dozens of families have moved into the few buildings still standing in the charred remains of Gaddafi’s Bab al-Aziziya compound, setting up homes amid the rubble.

Their move, largely for economic reasons they say, highlights the collision between two parts of Libyan society.

Port Moresby’s Squatter Settlements

A Housing Crisis in Papua New Guinea’s Capital is Bringing Social Empowerment to Squatter Communities

Rapid urbanization is putting pressure on infrastructure and public services in the urban centers of developing Pacific Island states, as much as it is across the globe, with 50 percent of the world’s people now living in cities as of 2010, spawning vast shantytowns, call them favelas, squatter settlements or what.

Anger at Polish builders squatting in Army homes – using British law to live there for free

Polish building workers are squatting in Army homes – using British law to live there for nothing.

The three Eastern European men moved into a Ministry of Defence semi-detached house next to dozens of Service families three weeks ago.